December 1, 2020

Radiant Info Solutions Appointed as India Distributor for ALCATEL Phones

Radiant Info Solutions is a value-add National Distributor for ALCATEL : IP & Analog Phones which aggressively gripping the Telephony market with its strategic marketing and systematic channel distribution . To give ALCATEL a competitive edge and knock the business goals out of the park, Radiant carefully handpicked ALCATEL telephony solutions, expert support, partner empowerment evolving vision and dependable delivery.

Radiant has recently launched 4 different models of ALCATEL IP Phones :

Alcatel Temporis IP251G (Gen2 corded Gigabit Ethernet port, no PSU) :

Alcatel Temporis IP251G

This device is the most recent introduction in ALCATEL IP Phone line This have158x57 backlit graphical display moreover 2 sip accounts – Power over Ethernet, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports

  • Full duplex hands free – Wideband audio

  • 2.5mm corded headset port; headset key

  • Call log: 200 entries (received, dialed, missed), accessible for IP15 HS

  • Phonebook: local (1000 entries, downloadable), LDAP, black list, click to-dial

  •  Built-in languages: 10, 1 custom language unloadable

From individuals to businesspeople, Alcatel Home & Business develops and distributes ranges of products designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers by their quality, various design and ease of use.

Alcatel Temporis IP 100 :

Alcatel Temporis IP 100

IP technology serving for simplicity is the promise made by Temporis IP100, the most widely accepted SIP range. This phone offers a contemporary line and a compact design for a minimal footprint. Its broad compatibility with the existing IP systems on the market means that it will perfectly integrate into your current telephone setup.It is fitted with a call pick up key in headset mode, one SIP account with two simultaneous call management and ten multi-function keys, five of them enabling BLF. Also the other features are :

  • 4 simultaneous calls

  • 10 direct memory keys to call your top contacts

  • Wall-mounting option

  • Direct call pick up key in headset mode

Alcatel Temporis IP150 / Temporis 150M(with Power Supply Unit/ No PoE) :

Alcatel Temporis IP150

You’ll appreciate first its small size which allows the phone to be integrated in any work environment.Then, you’ll also love its many assets such as :

  • Its full duplex hands-free quality enabling natural conversations,

  • The dual color BLF keys to easily manage your lines,

  • The direct memory keys to rapidly call your top contacts,

  • The access to a company directory for an easy contact management.

Temporis IP150 also offers call forward feature allowing to forward your line to another one, when you’re on business trip or in meeting, to never leave your interlocutors without answer.Finally, its broad compatibility with the existing IP systems on the market means it will integrate into your current telephone setup.

We see ourselves as an extension of our partners’ team, we help grow sales, help them by focusing on profitable lines and develop our partners’ IP Technology acumen says Nishant Gupta, director, Radiant Info Solutions Pvt.Ltd.