October 23, 2020

“Our aim is to offer Radiant Info Solutions quality that delights our customers” – Mr. Nishant Gupta, Director, Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

In an exclusive interview with IT.Voice, Mr. Nishant Gupta, Director, Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd. , reveals his strategies for business in India.
Mr. Nishant Gupta, Director, Radiant Info Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Nisha Harshwal : -What is the client base?
Mr. Nishant Gupta :- Radiant’s present focus of business in India is to address all the verticals like Government, Large and SME customers through the focused channel partners and we work closely with many of the leading OEMs and partners and across India.  We have a work dedicatedly on the challenges that IT & Networking sector face, with a real understanding of the technical issues and problems surrounding them. This ensures that we can work with our clients quickly and effectively to minimize the impact of issues and have confidence that their reputations are managed with care and understanding. At all times we seek to work in partnership with each client to fully understand their values, key issues and specific requirements. We aim to create long-term and sustainable partnerships. We work closely for years with a number of well-known partners likeienergizer , C&S Electric , Hiranandani, Wipro , Wolters Kluwer . To maintain the relationship with the clients ,we ensure clear communication and transparency at all times.

Nisha Harshwal : – What changes has the Indian market undergone?
Mr. Nishant Gupta :- The Indian IT & Networking industry has undergone a rapid evolution, as it has kept abreast of what the global markets require in terms of products and services. Having learnt the ropes quickly in the technology sector, which was traditionally never ever a stronghold for India, the country has now positioned itself as an IT & Networking hub, and services that spell trust, high quality and cost-effectiveness.

The Indian Marketing specially, IT & Networking industry has shaped itself into a process-oriented, best practices-focused and skill-rich entity that serves national and global customers equally.

Nisha Harshwal : – What are the demands of new India in terms of IT services?
Mr. Nishant Gupta :- 1.Technology, undeniably, is changing competitive dynamics also the boundaries surrounding IT are fading as technology becomes integral to almost every business function and relationship.
2. Reduction of structural costs within IT and across the organization.
3 Skilled manpower that adapt with the new technologies for robust services .

Nisha Harshwal : – What is your say in “customer satisfaction”?
Mr. Nishant Gupta :- Customer satisfaction is at the core of everything we do, beginning with the acquisition of a deep understanding of what the customer needs. Beyond simply listening to their feedback, we strive to perceive feelings and expectations that customers may not be able to articulate. We then propose solutions based on the customer’s perspective.

Our aim is to offer Radiant Info Solutions quality that delights our customers. This commitment is embedded in the corporate values that all Radiant employees are expected to uphold so that they will act with full awareness that ensuring quality and customer ¬satisfaction is their most important mission.

Nisha Harshwal : – What makes you different from your competition?
Mr. Nishant Gupta :- We ensure and encourage the growth of every entity connected directly or indirectly with us. We make sure that the benefit is shared in an equal manner & with every capable channel members. We also ensure every channel members gets timely support to ensure his growth to the fullest. With the fact that that the growth is remarkable, we at RADIANT Info Solutions don’t compromise on the services. We have ground staffs, regional branches and most reliable Channel Partners all across India who are undoubtedly offering the best service all the times. This is the reason why our base of users and partners has grown steadily and that make us different from the competition.

Nisha Harshwal : – What are the major company policies?
Mr. Nishant Gupta :- For the past years our policies revolves around our core strengths and with which our partners get benefit i.e policies related to unmatched supply chain management, competitive priced products and partner profitability.

As a channel partner, we believe in product selling based on our policies with a vision of Global company with a Local mindset. Also our policies are concern for protect sensitive information, and be sure to cover relationships with vendors, customers and other suppliers.