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Rack Selection Criteria Helps Increase Data Center Efficiency.

The Data center industry is continuously growing.  Research projects are on to bring forward the DC technology making data center racks most relevant for supporting networking, compute, and storage equipment.
Mr Ravi Raj, Brand Head, Director – Sales & Support at NetRack said that one must consider multiple factors such as size and load-bearing capacity while selecting racks for one’s data center as racks are closely tied to the operation of a data center.
Other selection factors include dimension, operational design, structural design, material, and colour. Proper selection of an IT rack is fundamental to a data center’s availability. Proper selection of the rack accessories improves the operational efficiency. Each rack has a given load-bearing capacity. It might be static or dynamic load rating. The Static load rating measures the rack’s load-bearing capacity at the time of installation at a fixed location, while dynamic load rating measures the load-bearing capacity when it is being moved. NetRack suggests the following criteria to look for during rack selection:
Static Load On Casters (Kgs)
Load Capacity Per U (Kgs)
Static Load On Leveller / Plinth (Kgs)
Load Capacity Per U (Kgs)
Accurate selection of load bearing capacity will help avoid equipment damage and collapse. NetRack recommends the installation of heavier equipment in the bottom. Another major point of consideration is the type of mounting like Casters/Leveller or Plinth.The right selection helps to have a better and economical setup in the long run.
 NetRack completely follows the globally recognized safety and compliance standards to stay on the top of the list. The entire product portfolio is customizable based on customers’ requirements.