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Fujitsu Global Survey Demonstrates How Digital Transformation Provides Value to Society.

Fujitsu released it’s Future Insights Global Digital Transformation Survey Report 2020. It presents the results of the survey of 900 CxOs and the decision-makers of the large and mid-sized enterprises spread across nine different countries  such as Australia, China, France, Germany, Japan, Singapore, Spain, UK and US. The fourth iteration of this survey presents us with the perception of a business leader on the success parameters for a digital transformation (DX) and also on how it can benefit the society. It aims at creating a better trust in the society through innovation. These survey results will help an organization boost their digital transformation initiatives.

Summary of  the survey findings is as follows:-

1. Aims for innovations from which the  society can benefit.

A major percentage of around 92% respondents believe and agree to the fact that if the society can benefit from their business innovation it will make their business more sustainable. There is a need of increasing the product and brand value, making the product appealing to the younger generations as they are well-aware of the current-issues, they voice opinions which has an impact on the policies. 80% believe that delivering value to multiple stakeholders is also important.

2. Red flags on the way to success.
It is equally difficult to develop projects which are practical enough and from which the society can benefit. According to 34% of respondents it is difficult to identify a clear return on investments.

3.How DX can help the society?
A population of 89% respondents believe that digital transformations helps demonstrating the positive contribution to the society and business. Values that can be spread using digital transformation include personal safety, improved well-being and also contributing towards smart and sustainable cities and addressing climate change.