Prysm launches 225” LPD World’s Largest Seamless Interactive Display- Preparing businesses for Pandemic and Post-Pandemic World.

Prysm Inc., is a pioneer in display and visual collaboration solutions. It has created a new category in the display market. It announced the launch of World’s largest seamless interactive display – the Prysm Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) 6K Series, 225” which is 20ft wide and 5ft high.  

It has a flexible, impact-resistant surface which provides a smooth touch interaction. It can be viewed from any distance without much strain on the eyes.  It is efficient in terms of energy saving and has a is shatter-resistant and flexible display  which offers rollability for transport. 

The LPD 6K Series can be used for Executive briefing centers, command and control centers, training rooms, collaboration and innovation centers. It helps in making meetings, presentations and analysis more enthralling and immersive. The business process dashboards and monitoring  units coupled with Prysm’s visual collaboration platform, is perfect for central monitoring of business processes and also monitoring of the business workflows. 

The display screen is 216 in x 59 in x 224 in – W × H × Diagonal with over 32 touchpoints. It features high-fill factor,amazing contrast ratio which provides an astounding picture quality, enhanced interactivity.

It follows a modular design which allows easy installation in multiple locations.

Amit Jain, President and CEO of Prysm said that they are highly excited to launch their largest LPD seamless interactive display, the LPD 6K 225. It provides a seamless, interactive and better connected display experience which helps the business organizations to save the travel cost and money. They support seamless collaboration for their clients, be it a single room or round the globe.

It allows simultaneous  broadcasting of data and visual feeds to and from mobile or standalone displays with enhanced cloud security.  Prysm is putting efforts to provide a better telepresence experience. says Dr Roger Hajjar, Founder and CTO, Prysm.