Providing Secure Environment to Enterprises through ‘Pay as You Use’ Model: Nevales Networks

nevalesNevales Networks is a privately held company based in Mumbai. The company started its operations in 2010 under the leadership of Kaushik Thakkar, a seasoned serial entrepreneur and technology leader, Ravishankar an experienced banker and Sunija Rishi a marketing specialist. Nevales Networks offers enterprises a secure environment to conduct their business on a ‘Pay As You Use’ model. Nevales Networks manages security, connectivity and enables cloud applications for enterprises with multiple branch offices and remote locations. This secure platform is delivered over the Internet and is free from licensing, scalability and maintenance hassles, providing the best value for money and allowing emerging businesses to focus on their core businesses.

Jan 2010 Nevales Networks started its operations
2011 Featured in Nasscom Emerge 50 company list
2012 Featured in Tech circle’s Top 10 Emerging Indian Saas Companies To Watch Out For in 2012
Feb 2013 Starts with its US operations
May 2013 Introduces Security Gateway Devices
May 2013 Winner of TiE50 2013-Top Start up

Management and Board

  • Kaushik Thakkar, CEO and Co-Founder
  • Ravishankar, President – India Operations and Co-Founder
  • Sunija Rishi, Co-Founder and Director – Marketing

The Business Concept:

For businesses today, it has become imperative to find new ways to perform their operations efficiently in a more cost-effective manner emerging businesses have always been at a disadvantage when it comes to leveraging the latest technology innovations as most of these solutions come with a steep price tag, and require sophisticated technical expertise to deploy and utilize them. As a result, most emerging businesses don’t adopt these applications, as they can’t afford the upfront license fees, additional hardware costs, dedicated staff or consultants to implement and monitor these complex enterprise applications.

This is where Nevales Networks comes into picture. The company offers the plan- Pay As You Use” plan, eliminating the need for large upfront payments. By renting cycles, SMBs pay only for what they need, substantially lowering capital expenditure. The subscription model typically bundles everything into a single annual fee, including automatic updates, maintenance and technical support. Thus Cloud Computing/ SaaS enable SMBs eliminate upfront costs, provides a predictable cost structure, a more predictable product life cycle and the freedom to reevaluate the solution decision at almost any time. Another advantage is that subscription pricing can make sophisticated technology accessible and affordable to smaller  and emerging companies.

Solution Offering

The Nevales series of plug and play ready cloud managed security gateway appliances combine the advantages of cloud computing with those of an on-premise security gateway appliance. It comes bundled with advantages such as managed security services; zero CAPEX, free hardware replacement, zero hassles of licensing and maintenance, and free support directly from Nevales. Our customers can access applications and services safely and securely from Nevales Cloud that acts as a single-point security management console accessible from anywhere in the world and by using any device.

Nevales Cloud features at a glance

  • Speedy installation and rollout
  • Manage security gateway configurations from anywhere, any time
  • Auto sync of the security gateway configuration with latest available configuration
  • Auto back-up of latest configuration
  • Self-provisioning and self-optimization built into the solution
  • Automated updates and upgrades
  • Automated monitoring and alerts
  • Centralized management of users and applications
  • Manage users according to category—Blocked, Free Access, and Secure Access
  • Integrated cloud based reporting
  • Identity-based access. For privacy and protection, only those gateway devices can be monitored and managed that are under one’s administration
  • Switch between Portal Management and the Cloud at will
  • Manage multiple remote locations from a single centralized console
  • Two-way secure communication channel: Securely communicate between security gateway and Nevales Portal using SSL (secure sockets layer) channel. It identifies user regardless of an IP address.

Security Gateway Devices

The Nevales SG device supports wired and wireless 3G/4G technologies. It is ideal for operators, who can now provide wireless Internet 3G/4G through this security gateway. The new device is built on the energy efficiency of the MIPS architecture from Imagination Technologies, which helps to increase the energy efficiency of the device by up to 90% over Nevales’ previous generation product.

The new high-performance, environment-friendly SG device has a sleek form factor and smart design, and can be easily wall mounted for large scale carrier deployments. Nevales’ cloud-based system architecture allows organizations to manage its plug-and-play ready security gateway devices remotely, making the devices ideal for branch office and remote location deployments. The SG devices can be centrally managed using the Nevales web interface across any number of distributed locations. Nevales allows for automatically administering policies, configurations, updates and upgrades from the cloud – enabling branch deployments without the need for on-site IT. Nevales ensures secure remote access of the centrally-hosted web applications to all branch offices and mobile users to perform day-to-day operations in a safe and protected environment.


Although a young company, Nevales has already had several customer wins. Some of our reputed customers belong to industries such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, IT/ IT enabled services, engineering, hospitality, automobile, and education.