Problems with Pixel 4 Series

Pixel 4 series users are facing problems with the face unlock feature and have shared their worries on Google’s Issue Tracker, product forum, Reddit, and other podiums. Some users have criticized that they are getting an error message which they claim that this began happening after the Android 11 update and that restarting the smartphone only provisionally fixes the problems. Users have been facing troubles with Pixel 4’s face unlock features since 2019, some of which have been solved by software updates.

A user posted regarding the problem on Google’s Issue Tracker with face unlock on Pixel 4 XL and there has seemingly been no fix, even though there have been numerous updates since May. The problem isn’t restricted to Pixel 4 XL but is upsetting Pixel 4 users as well. While some users have started experiencing the issue following the Android 11 update, others have been dealing with parallel problems even before that. Few of the users have further shared that the face unlock issue started to occur after the November 2020 update.


Image from Google


Rebooting the smartphone can just temporarily solves the problem for some users. This has become the main inconvenience for Pixel 4 series users because the smartphone does not have a fingerprint scanner. Fascinatingly, the status of this problem has been listed as ‘Fixed’ on the Issue Tracker, although, as mentioned before, people have posted their troubles even at the time of writing.

The users of the Pixel 4 series have shared alike experiences with the face unlock feature on Reddit, the company’s product forum, and XDA forums. The user complaints were 1st observed by Android Police.

There have been numerous problems with the Pixel 4 series face unlock feature in the previous times, some of which were solved by software updates. Back in 2019’s October, Pixel 4 users have registered complained about the face unlock feature unlocking the smartphone even when the user was looking away from the screen. The company solved this problem in 2019’s December via a software update. Then, in 2020’s January, Pixel 4 users began to face issues once again where the smartphone simply botched to recognize their face.