YouTube Testing its Setting and Controls

YouTube is allegedly testing the latest video quality settings that will automatically manage the playback resolution based on data-usage predilections. The latest settings dropdown, presently being tested in beta, will be a departure from the current settings on YouTube that let users select an exact resolution that is somewhere between 144p and 4K for streaming videos. The options that the new menu will supposedly contain are auto, higher picture quality, and data saver, as well as an advanced option to select an exact resolution.


Image from Youtube


The YouTube video settings menu under testing will further stipulate the present resolution of the video on top. And it will provide users the option to pick diverse default settings for streaming videos on Wi-Fi and mobile data.

The options are apparently being tested on a beta version 15.45.32. It is not lucid at the moment if the application will be rolling out this feature to more users of this app in the coming days. The report has not further specifically mentioned whether or not the video quality settings menu will be changed for every user who is there worldwide or restricted to some regions.