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Prism Cybersoft Announces Cloud–based Personal Investment & Accounting Software

Abacus harnesses the power of Microsoft cloud for easy management and valuation of consumers’ trading and stock portfolios

Prism Cybersoft, a provider of software solutions to financial PRISMintermediaries today announced the launch of Abacus, a cloud-based personal investment and accounting software that allows consumers to manage their investment portfolios easily and efficiently, anywhere, anytime. Available to individual investors at an annual subscription of INR 600 it is built on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform and SQL 2014 server.

Speaking on the occasion, Jayesh Shah, CEO, Prism Cybersoft Pvt. Ltd. said, “Abacus is an investment portfolio accounting and monitoring system. It allows investors to monitor their financial assets across various asset classes like equities, derivatives, mutual funds, and bank fixed deposits. It also generates various financial statements like balance sheet and profit and loss account.

According to Meetul Patel, General Manager – SMSP, Microsoft India, “Microsoft Azure is a growing collection of integrated services—compute, storage, data, networking, and app—that help you move faster, do more, and save money. We work closely with our partners in India to understand their specific requirements and challenges and help them maximize the potential of the cloud. Abacus is yet another example of our commitment to help partners bring the value of cloud to their customers.”

Abacus offers consumers a number of benefits. As it harnesses the power of Microsoft Azure, an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform, consumers’ data is stored in encrypted form in Microsoft’s secure data centres. Abacus also supports multiple entities i.e. consumers can create a single login ID and store portfolios for an unlimited number of entities under that. For a group of investors, this provides an overall view into how their investments are faring and data can be sliced and diced as the user wishes.

Transactions can be entered manually, via file upload or in certain Microsoft_logo_ITVoicecases, via direct integration with the stock broker’s back office, thereby making it easy to update records. It includes an integrated complete financial accounting module and user- friendly data entry screens. Last but not the least, it offers report generation support via user-friendly tools and advanced logic. It has the capability to extract back-office data from the broker by directly “pulling” the trading position. This eliminates the need for data entry, thus providing a faster and more seamless experience for investors.

Abacus is ideal for clients of stock brokers, portfolio and asset managers, and depository participants looking for an efficient solution that requires little or no maintenance. Subscriptions can be purchased via a financial services broker or from www.abacusx.com

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