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Pre-Budget quotes from Industry Experts | 2024

In the landscape of economic progress, e-commerce sector has emerged as a vibrant core industry, reshaping organizational dynamics within the realm of digital technology. As we approach the upcoming fiscal year of 2024-2025, the imperative of directing financial resources toward the e-commerce domain cannot be understated. For the e-commerce and digital marketing sphere, this financial injection is not only an economic imperative but a strategic investment in our financial future.

The global transition towards online transactions and digital marketplaces has been propelled by extraordinary technological advancements. To harness and capitalize on this momentum, it is crucial for the government to fortify the e-commerce ecosystem with robust financial, regulatory support. Leading the charge in crafting innovative technological solutions, Mobikasa epitomizes the potential inherent in this sector. Increased funding will act as a catalyst for further technological advancements, creation of new processes, and position our nation at the forefront of the Global digital economy.

Moreover, the e-commerce industry serves as a vital conduit for small and medium enterprises, enabling them to access global markets. Committing to allocate the necessary funds for this sector will foster an environment where businesses of all scales can flourish. In the orchestration of economic growth, the e-commerce sector plays a pivotal role and it is in the country’s interest to ensure that this melody resonates with energy and resilience.”

Mr. Prateek Sachdev, managing partner of Mobikasa.

With Indian companies seeking to gain a competitive advantage in the international market, the reduction of the current corporate tax rate is a key enabler for realizing significant gains. This tax cut does more for us than simply free up the budget for research and development; it additionally makes us stronger competitors in worldwide markets. To propel Indian businesses to the leading edge of technological advancements, prioritising investments in artificial intelligence, innovation, and research and development is crucial. This move will not only help Indian organisations emerge victorious globally, but it also creates the inspiration for future economic growth in the virtual age, in which a commitment to modern technologies is in all likelihood to propel us into a period of consistent growth and global prominence.

Mr. Piyush Goel, CEO of Beyond Key

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