PlayStation Showcase 2023: Some Hits and Big Misses , Spiderman 2 flourishes

PlayStation Showcase 2023

PlayStation Showcase 2023

Sony’s come up up and running with its most awaited event for gaming industry, Yes, we are talking about PlayStation Showcase 2023. Its the first PS event done by Sony in almost a year’s gap. However , was Sony able to live up to the hype created before the big stage event, that still remains a question perhaps !.

A long list of mega releases were rumored about just like a Bloodborne remake, The Last of Us: Part 3 and a Twisted Metal update among them. And to the utter disappointment of fans , nothing of the above mentioned games came to be true. There existed a scarcity of authentic titles exclusive to the first-party, and a significant portion of the showcased PlayStation 5 games had already been disclosed beforehand.

Project Q – A Hit or Miss

During the hour-long presentation, announcements were made regarding PS5 and PSVR 2 games, along with unexpected hardware accessories such as the Project Q Remote Play handheld device capable of streaming games from your PS5, as well as a fresh set of PlayStation earbuds. The 8-inch device is specifically designed for remote gameplay of your PS5 games and resembles a fusion of a Nintendo Switch and a DualSense controller, visually speaking.

Project Q , an 8-inch Remote Play handheld device (Image Credits-: Sony)

Spiderman 2

Sony appeared to have saved the most exciting part for the end. The presentation concluded with a captivating 12-minute gameplay footage showcasing the highly anticipated sequel to the popular 2018 PS4 game. The gameplay revealed the seamless transition between two playable characters: Peter Parker wearing a mysterious Venom suit with enhanced symbiote abilities, and Miles Morales, who had his own exclusive PS5 launch title.

Spiderman 2 – Sony showed a 12-minute long gameplay footage (Image Credits-: Sony)

The dynamic duo swung through the bustling streets of New York, relentlessly pursuing Dr. Curt Connors, also known as the Lizard, all while evading the henchmen of the supervillain Kraven. The fans’ response was overwhelmingly positive, as they were impressed by the opportunity to control both characters and thrilled about the darker narrative direction brought about by the introduction of the enigmatic black suit.

Metal Gear Solid Delta : Snake Eater

It was perhaps the least well-kept secret of the evening, as speculations had been circulating about the possibility of a remake for the PlayStation 2 classic, Metal Gear Solid 3. Furthermore, Sony revealed their plans to release the initial three Metal Gear Solid games as the Master Collection: Volume 1, slated for release later this year. Curiously, no indication was given regarding a potential remaster of Metal Gear Solid 4, a highly desired prospect among fans. However, there were suggestions that it could potentially be included in a future installment, possibly in a Volume 2 of the collection.

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