Playsnail’s Launches New Server Aegir For Their Newest Addition Odin Quest

imagesPlaysnail will launch the second server Aegir for their RPG Odin Quest at 3:00pm June 26th PDT. Odin Quest is a web-based MMORPG featuring the myths of Northern Europe. The giant world and epic stories will bring you back to the forgotten realm of myths. Are you ready for exciting combat, stunning graphics and thrilling instance challenges? March on towards being a hero!

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Elites from various races have gathered at Midgard. There are five classes born which are the Warrior, Priest, Mage, Assassin and Hunter. Competition takes place among the classes. This has improved each of their reputation which has been their daily job.

Warrior: Bursting with vitality and skilled with swords and knives. A warrior is a hulking aegis, a death dealer or a combination of both. Warriors are suitable for both hunting and combat. A Warrior can carry many items and is able to move adroitly with even heavy armor and massive weapons. They are relatively weak against magic attacks.

Mage: Use fire, ice and arcane elements to destroy enemies. A Mage wears cloth armor and uses ranged skills to attack single or multiple targets.

Priest: Excel in supporting and healing. Loyal to the gods, a Priest heals and protects her companions.

Hunter: Good at dealing AOE damage and has a high hit rate. Hunters’ ranged attacks deal massive damage. They stay in safe locations while their pets attract enemies’ attention. Various traps are used to better control the combat, and a high hit rate guarantees their roles as damage dealers on the battlefield.

Assassin: Excel in dealing massive burst damage, with a high critical hit rate. Successful assassins always remain hidden in the dark. They use weapons adroitly and stay undetected.