Gungroo Announces ‘Let Teens Be’, A Facebook App For Parents

kids game gungrooGungroo, a safe, ‘fun + learn’ destination for kids, has announced the release of ‘Let Teens Be’, a Facebook App for parents. The App provides parents with a dashboard overview of who their teens have added as friend and what’s publicly visible on their teens’ profile.

Our Facebook App ‘Let Teens Be’ strikes the perfect balance between parent’s peace of mind and teen’s sense of freedom,” said Dinker Charak, Founder and CEO at Gungroo. “Parents get a dashboard overview of what’s publicly visible on their teen’s profile and who their friends are. ‘Let Teens Be’ respects Facebook’s privacy policy and works within its scope.

Today parents want to keep an eye on their teens’ Facebook activities to ensure their safety and good company. But they also have to give the teens enough freedom and space to explore, grow and learn on their own. ‘Let Teens Be’ provides that minimal overview information to the parent so they can guide their teens as they participate in social networks,” he added.

The app can be accessed at Gungroo also works closely with parents in understanding what other information and features they would like to have to make ‘Let Teens Be’ better.

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The company was founded by Dinker Charak, who was previously responsible for setting up Jivox’s Premium Ad Network and managing their India operations. Before that he worked at Wind River (acquired by Intel), Fermilab, near Chicago (a US DoE Particle Physics Research Lab) and worked on development of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Geneva.

Gungroo provides gaming, art activities, safe messaging for kids on, Facebook, iPad and iPhones. The firm earlier raised angel funding from leading technology entreprenuers and is seeking Seed/Series A funds.