Paytm and LeAD-backed Rooter Teams Up With Stradigi AI to Take Their Product and User Experience To the Next Level with Artificial Intelligence

Rooter, India’s largest sports and gaming community platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Stradigi AI, a leading North American AI software company. This partnership will enable Rooter to augment its platform, improve news feeds and focus on more advanced user experiences using billions of unique data points.

Rooter is an online platform for sports and gaming content that focuses on the latest voice, video, game streaming, and sports vernacular. The platform has been growing at an unprecedented pace since launching Live Game streaming, registering more than 50,000 daily users and 5 million monthly users across the sports and gaming community. Rooter has successfully amplified its user base through user generated content in the form of Live Game streaming, sports commentary, quizzes, discussions, and fantasy sports content.

Leveraging Stradigi AI’s Kepler AI platform will enable Rooter to accelerate the creation of multiple machine learning-driven features for the sports and gaming industry, improving user experiences through predictive capabilities for match play and fantasy content. Additionally, understanding performance and fan preferences is instrumental in driving Rooter to become one of the largest sources of content for the fantasy sports industry.

Commenting on the partnership, Dipesh Agarwal, Co-founder and COO at Rooter, said, “Being India’s most preferred user-generated, content-based sports and gaming community platform, we are determined to change the sports and gaming engagement ecosystem. For that reason, we need to better understand each individual players’ performance as well as fan demographics and behaviours. Data analytics is critical for us to gain accurate user insights. Rooter has amassed a large amount of data, but a shortage of experience and infrastructure around AI and machine learning has held us back from implementing data-powered applications. Having an AI company like Stradigi AI will empower us to utilise our data and improve our product, personalise content, churn superior interactive content, create prediction models to help users to make  fantasy teams, and enhance user experience.”

“We are very excited about our partnership with Rooter and the opportunity to work with them to augment their platform with predictive capabilities.” said Basil Bouraropoulos, CEO and Co-Founder at Stradigi AI. “These capabilities will create a more compelling experience for their users, further cementing their position as a leader in the online sports and gaming market.  Kepler is designed to enable any business to rapidly benefit from advanced machine learning, maximize their data investments and ultimately generate value to their business and customers.”

Having already built a large community of sports fans and sports influencers in India, Rooter has recently expanded its platform by launching a gaming and eSports streaming feature. This streaming tool allows users to stream any game through their mobile app or their computer, using some of the best-in-category audio-video quality and features. Shortly after the introduction of its streaming feature, the Rooter platform gained over 200,000 streamers from around the country, adding more than 2 million downloads on the Rooter app in less than a month, pushing it to become the category leader for gaming in India.