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Loco partners with Redbull.


Loco, India’s prime live game streaming platform, and Red Bull, the production house of the world’s leading energy drink, announced a partnership with the primary mission of remodelling e-sports into popular culture.

Under this partnership, Red Bull and Loco  will work together and not only create but also broadcast e-sports content across various game categories. Red Bull has always played a major role in sports entertainment and has also helped in creating a  sustainable ecosystems for athletes and sports. Both the giants have now teamed up to serve the rapidly growing e-sports community in India which has over 600 million gamers currently.

The partnership will have a grand beginning with the live broadcast of the finale of the ongoing “Red Bull Flick” tournament on Loco. The Loco-Red Bull together will also cover major events like Red Bull MEO (which focuses mainly on mobile arcade games like pubg mobile) and Red Bull R1v1r Ruins (which  focuses on Dota). The companies will also organize other major events in the near future.

Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth, Indian Counter-Strike Pro & Red Bull India’s first gaming athlete, said that he was delighted to see such major participation in Red Bull Flick. They managed to make 6 cups full within 4 days which clearly highlights the passion of their community.He further expects to witness some major matches in the finale. Red Bull Flick is the best platform to showcase aiming skills. Indian players have good aim but they find it difficult to make a team and compete. Red Bull Flick is the best opportunity to help such gamers and put them out there. Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth also said that he was looking forward towards this partnership as it is going to give access to one of the largest gaming communities in India.

 Anirudh Pandita, Founder, Pocket Aces, said that the partnership is a great move. In India, the gaming industry is growing at a fast pace and also it has become a means of entertainment for the Indian consumers.Together with Redbull they want to fight boredom and take the e-sports community to another level.

The Red Bull-Loco partnership will provide a big platform to the talented and aspiring gamers in India to showcase their talent. It will also help in the growth of this industry placing India on top of the global e-sports map.