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Oracle cuts hundreds of jobs in its health unit

According to a report, Oracle, a US-based tech giant, has conducted significant layoffs, job offer cancellations, and reduced open positions. The job cuts primarily affected employees at Cerner, the electronic healthcare records firm that Oracle acquired in December for $28.3 billion. The layoffs were mainly attributed to difficulties Cerner faced in its work with the US Department of Veterans Affairs, which had engaged Cerner to replace its in-house medical records system. Severance packages will be provided to the laid-off employees, including a certain number of weeks of pay based on their years of service and payout for accrued vacation days.

Cerner Corporation, a company specializing in health information technology services, devices, and hardware, was mentioned in a report alongside Oracle’s efforts to develop a national health records database. Larry Ellison, the chairman and chief technology officer of Oracle, emphasized the importance of maintaining patient data anonymity until individuals consent to share their information. Oracle’s database is expected to implement effective anonymization measures. Additionally, Oracle has been working on a patient engagement system and enhancing its capability to collect data from wearable devices. This is not the first time Oracle has announced job cuts within its electronic healthcare unit. In the previous month, nearly 3,000 employees from Cerner were laid off, impacting various departments such as marketing, engineering, accounting, legal, and product teams. Oracle has also suspended raises, promotions, and stated that employees should not expect any until 2023.

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