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OnePlus Embarks on an Epic Road Trip Across India

OnePlus taking out its products for a ride via Mercedes Truck (Credit-: The Indian Express)

OnePlus Embarks on a Remarkable Journey, Showcasing Its Products in an Epic Road Trip Across India. It is set to captivate tech enthusiasts and smartphone aficionados across India with an exciting and unique marketing campaign. Breaking away from traditional marketing approaches, OnePlus has decided to embark on a road trip across the vast landscape of India, showcasing its latest products in a one-of-a-kind Mercedes truck, experience store on wheels ferry across several regions in the country to showcase a diverse range of OnePlus products to customers.

A remarkable experience store, transported by a spacious Mercedes truck, has been designed as a versatile trailer that expands effortlessly to unveil its entrance when the truck comes to a halt. The journey of two such trucks has begun from Delhi, embarking on an extensive tour across various regions of India, encompassing over 25 cities, including several tier 2 locations in the northern and southern parts of the country.

The following was Tweeted by the account page which handles the tech news for The Indian Express, Express Technology.

OnePlus trying out their new Marketing Technique, products on Ferry Wheels (via-: Twitter/@ExpressTechie)

OnePlus aims to transform this road trip into a memorable experience for Indian consumers by providing interactive activities and engaging demonstrations. Visitors will have the opportunity to test-drive the latest OnePlus smartphones, explore the exceptional camera capabilities, and experience the lightning-fast performance firsthand.

On 12th of May, In the presence of its dedicated community members, the OnePlus Road Trip initiative was inaugurated at Vivanta Guwahati. The event marked the unveiling of a unique pop-up OnePlus experience outlet, where the diverse range of OnePlus products takes center stage for enthusiasts to explore and engage with.

As per OnePlus, customers will have the convenience of purchasing various products, including smartphones, smart TVs, and earbuds, directly at the road trip experience. However, it is important to note that servicing facilities will not be available on these trucks.

With a focused approach, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer aims to penetrate deeper into cities and connect with its target audience, ultimately aiming to gain a larger market share. OnePlus has consistently performed well in the premium segment of the Indian market, cementing its position among the top contenders in this category.

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