Oppo Find X3 Series to be Presented in 2021

Oppo Find X3 is going to be launched in the year, 2021. The firm at its Inno Day 2020 conference has proclaimed that the Oppo Find X3 series will deliver end-to-end ten-bit color support with its latest Full-path Colour Management System. This latest system will further bring support for High-Efficiency Image Format and full DCI-P3 wide color gamut across the smartphone to provide more accurate colors. Oppo Find X3 is advertised to be ‘the first Android’ smartphone to provide this functionality.

The company has declared the latest advances about Oppo Find X3 during the 2nd day of the Inno Day 2020 conference in China. The latest Full-path Colour Management System that will be combined into the Oppo Find X3 series in 2021 will be the 1st to be launched on any Android smartphone. The smartphone will have a local 10-bit display. Previously, smartphones have been advertised to have a 10-bit display, but they truly featured eight-bit displays, in addition to frame rate control to mimic 10-bit performance. To this date, numerous smartphones have embedded 8-bit panels, involving Oppo Find X2.


Image from Oppo


The company has said that this Full-path Colour Management System will offer a brilliant viewing experience and bring reliable and precise color reproduction. The latest system will further support HEIF for saving storage space. Oppo has said that its R&D team worked on color reproduction by refining the underlying system and hardware. It’s Full-path Colour Management System is sumptuously designed to cover every step containing image acquisition to computation, encoding, storage, and decoding. Aside from this, 10-bit color depth and DCI-P3 wide color gamut look to deliver great color management consequences on the Find X3.

Furthermore, the R&D team also endorsed algorithms in areas like distortion correction, multi-frame noise reduction, and perceptual extreme super-resolution. The latest system will support image sensors featuring Digital Overlap HDR mode. In DOL-HDR technology, it creates unlike exposure circumstances into an image. This should recover image results even when taken against bright light.

The company has further proclaimed a new color correction solution known as Colour Correction Solution 2.0. This fundamentally looks to assist those who suffer from color vision shortage with a broad range of options to suit their visual requirements. Oppo united with Zhejiang University to grow the answer. The latest color correction system will further let users create their own display, and it will go beyond the restricted set of options accessible now.