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Google Fit Gets Homepage Refurbished

Google Fit application for Android and iOS is going to get a major revamp. Users will now be able to see a gist of their health metrics on the home screen along with their most recent workout. They can further check if they are meeting their daily and weekly goals for Heart Points and Steps, and track their heart rate, weight, and bp. The company has further added shortcuts on Wear OS smartwatches in the Google Fit Workouts Tile that will take users to their most recent workouts. The updates will be released in the coming days.

The search giant has written that the updates on Google Fit and Wear OS are targeted at making tracking and understanding wellness data easier. In addition, Google Fit will further have more sleep info. Users can track their nightly activity, view sleep stages, and set a target for their bedtime schedule. This is presently just probable if they have a connected device such as the Fossil Gen 5E Smartwatch, Oura Ring, or Withings sleep tracking mat, or if they use a sleep-tracking application like Sleep As Android or Sleep Cycle, however, the company has said that it would expand this feature and add more maintained devices and applications.


Image from Google Fit


A sharing feature has further been added to Google Fit. Users can currently share stats, routes, or photos from their Google Fit journal entries to social media or nevertheless messaging applications. Shortcuts in the Google Fit Workouts Tile on Wear OS smartwatches, in the interim, will let the users view their most recent workouts. Users will further be able to see all their health metrics in 1 view on their screen. They can set targets for workouts and pick to get pace alerts to know if they are staying on track.

The weather experience on Wear OS is further receiving an update. It has a ‘bolder’ structure and offers more forecast details like precipitation and weather alerts. The latest breathe Tile, in the meantime, will offer easier access to guided breathing sessions. It will further allow users to view a gist of their breathing session once they are done, containing how their heart rate changed between the commencement and the end, and view a recap of their breathing sessions for the week.

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