Google Chrome Receives Performance Enhancements

Google Chrome has gotten its final update for the year, 2020 and it brings performance developments that let it start quicker, load pages faster, and provide more battery life. The development was shared via an official blog post by the product director of Chrome. Thanks to numerous under-the-hood advances, this update has brought the major profit in Chrome performance in years. Furthermore, the company has released an M1 native build of Chrome for the latest MacBook models but had to pause it for 1 day.

The official blog post by him has revealed that the final major update for Chrome has brought major performance developments that make the browser start faster, load pages quicker, and consume less battery. Active tabs on Chrome are presently prioritized as compared to every other tab. This assists in lessening CPU usage by up to 5 times, leading to enhanced battery life by about 1.25hrs. the search giant has not shared any details of the device they benchmarked for these consequences.


Image from Google


The browser starts up to 25% quicker than the former build and loads pages up to 7% faster. Google has said that Chrome presently uses less power and RAM, marking a welcome change for the web browser that is notorious for using huge RAM amounts. On Android, Chrome currently loads pages almost promptly when going back or forward.

Google Chrome further receives a Tab search feature that lets the user type a keyword and place the tab that the user is looking for. The search button is placed right next to the minimize option in Windows and displays a list of open tabs along with a search bar. This search feature works across numerous Chrome windows. The 2020 update further brings Chrome Actions that lets users perform a few actions right from the address bar. For instance, typing delete history in the address bar will give the user an option to Clear browsing history right there. This feature is primarily accessible just on the desktop.

Along with all these developments, the blog further states that cards will be added to Chrome in the future that will permit users to get back to recently-visited and associated content on the web. Cards will be available on the new tab page in Chrome. At the time of writing, there was also seen an update notification on Chrome but could not see the Tab search button after updating to the newest version 87.0.4280.66.