November 25, 2020

Opera Mini claims to be the fastest browser for your phone

Opera today announced that their mobile web browser, Opera Mini is faster than competitors like UC Browser or Google Chrome . The company claims that Opera Mini outshines other browsers according to newly conducted speed tests.
The company further claimed that numerous features in Opera Mini can help users save data.
First off, Opera Mini is 64% faster and uses 2 times less data than UC Browser in extreme-savings mode. According to the company, tests also show that users can load webpages 72% faster with Opera Mini’s extreme-savings mode as compared to Google Chrome and save 3.5 times more data as well.
Secondly, Opera Mini is faster because of its new built-in ad blocker. According to Opera , users can save up to 14% additional data with their ad-blocker feature.
Then there’s the video boost feature, which reduces the size of video data used. When a video is optimized, it loads faster and users don’t experience any buffering.
Along with the above announcements, Opera ‘s vice president for South Asia & Southeast Asia Sunil Kamath said, “The average internet speed in India, 2.8Mbps, is much lower than the global average of 5.6Mbps. Considering that India is a mobile-first internet economy and users prefer to access the internet on the move, Opera has been working hard to tackle this challenge.”