Reliance all set to create new and cheap smartphones

As reported by Bloomberg, Reliance (India’s most prestigious industry) is on its way to release a version of jio mobiles that can run in android systems or phones.

Over the coming 2 years, reliance is expecting to produce around 200 million phones in India. Therefore, it has asked its local suppliers to speed up the production volume. This initiative is taken as a part of the Make in India campaign which will help in boosting the country’s currency and help them to give a fair warning to the well-known competitor Xiaomi which has been extraordinarily well since the day it was launched in India.

It is said that reliance industrial limited will work with domestic manufacturers and make a decent version of jio that would essentially work in Android systems. The cost is not closed yet but figuratively it will cost somewhat around four thousand rupees. These phones are purposed to be sold with less cost and will have wireless plans from reliance’s jio.



Another thing is that the chairman of reliance industries is also planning to make the country self-sufficient in producing good quality smartphones just like the way wireless services are there in the country. The low prices and easy procedures are already hyping the Indian market presently. Reliance’s chairman is also set to work with the Indian government’s plan of focusing more on local manufacturing companies like lava, Karbonn, and Dixon tech.

A huge boost will be generated for the local industries if, within 2 years Reliance can sell around 150-200 million of smartphones. During the end of March, 165 million phones were assembled and around 1/5th of it cost around INR 7000. Therefore, jio has a great chance especially to half a billion people who still don’t have mobiles to communicate. Chinese products will eventually lose all their shares and income in the Indian market.

Along with that Bharti Airtel is also in the news as it will produce 4G smartphones.

Apart from that, parents will be the most benefitted as during a pandemic their kids have to attend online classes and with the help of new market opportunities, Jio can get a lot of profit.

If Jio can produce good quality smartphones at a cheaper price then sooner it can become the world’s leading brand of smartphones in the coming year.