Openmix, The Smallest Audio Mixer In The World

It Voice News- If DJ is not accessible in your party budget then no worries. Here comes a sound mixer for you that you can operate!

Music is a must for every party, be it a large one or small. If your budget is low then you can’t hire a DJ obviously. Keeping this budget thing in mind, two New York based folks have built an inexpensive audio mixer called Openmix.

Openmix is claimed to be the smallest audio mixer in the world. Openmix is a cross fader which allows smooth transition from one song to another. Its wide compatibility is its key factor and as it connects two devices through a headphone jack, Openmix can be used with PCs, smartphones, tablets and mp3 players too.

Openmix doesn’t run on batteries. Just one audio source needs to be plugged in the right male headphone jack and the other one in the left. Then connect your speakers with the female headphone jack on the other end. Now you can move from one device to another by turning the knob. You also have the option to become a DJ by plugging in another iOS or Android device with a third party DJ app and you can add sound effects to your music.


Openmix costs $39, and it is the retail price of the product. The makers of the product have promised to deliver it by January 2015 but the success of such a product is quite uncertain in this competitive market of smartphones and tablets and all their apps.

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