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OnePlus to launch another phone on March 23rd “OnePlus 9R” for India

Oneplus 9r
OnePlus 9R launch
Source: OnePlus | Via: News18


OnePlus has confirmed in an interview with News18 that they’ll be launching another phone on 23rd March in India. And they have been planning this as a budget gaming phone. They have been focusing on to provide a smooth gaming experience, and they probably will include a 90Hz or 120Hz display.

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Peta Lau, mentioned in the interview, and has confirmed that the OnePlus 9R will be a “premium-tier device at a more affordable price point in India.” It will have the “latest technologies” that are there in modern smartphones. Moreover, it will be a gaming-centric device that will offer “smooth scrolling, immersive gaming controls, and a superior viewing experience.”

OnePlus also confirmed the 5G feature in the phone and Lau also said that “At OnePlus, 5G is a top priority in our product strategy and we identified the need for it early on and have continued to remain early movers in 5G R&D development. In early 2020, we invested $30 million to scale up 5G research and remain committed to that. Additionally, our R&D team in India has also been focused on 5G software development efforts as well as field testing efforts, while working closely with telecom operators and stakeholders like Qualcomm.”

India is now a huge customer base for OnePlus, and providing a budget phone and also focusing on including as many features as they could is an important and a good step. And OnePlus is definitely committed to maintain them as an established brand and keep on providing the best of devices.

Apart from all this the upcoming OnePlus 9R may or may not have the Hasselblad Camera like its big brother, the flagship OnePlus 9 Pro.

Stay tuned for more information about the upcoming OnePlus Event.