Much-awaited Intel Xe HPG gaming GPUs might be revealed on 26th March

Intel Xe HPG
Intel Xe HPG
Source: Intel

Much-awaited Intel’s gaming GPUs configured on Xe HPG architecture might be reveled soon on March 26th. Intel apparently teased with a Xe HPG Scavenger Hunt for this very specific event. The website link was hidden in GDC 2021 presentation.

Intel released it Xe GPU earlier this year, the Xe LP architecture, however they were never meant for gaming but this one is. It is expected to compete with other top GPU creators in the world like Nvidia and AMD.

Here is the teaser of Intel Xe HPG:

Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger’s announcement on “the new era of innovation and technology leadership at Intel” that’s set to take place on March 23rd. And we will know whether the DG2 cards will be released or not. These upcoming DG2 chips are design for high-performance with a lot of capabilities.

Features of the new Intel Xe GPU have be rumoring around, and here they are featuring 512 EUs, 4096 cores, 1800MHz clock speeds, and 12GB of GDDR6 VRAM. Other rumors may have also indicated that Intel is working on a full lineup for the Intel Xe Series.

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