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On the 75th Independence Day, NIXI is giving Digital freedom & Identity through, “Har Ghar Digital, Har Jeevan Digital!” Campaign

New Delhi, 5th August 2022: On India’s 75th Independence Day, the National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI) announces a nationwide campaign called “Har Ghar Digital, Har Jeevan Digital.” They are offering .IN and .भारत domains registration for INR 75 for one year. This campaign offer will be available from August 5th to August 20th, 2022. The objective of this initiative is to encourage the use of .IN domain and .भारत domain names and the spread of local language content on Internet.

This initiative will also help in increasing the digitization across industries, including MSME, Startups, Technology, Education and Healthcare sectors. The offer has been designed to enable adoption of digital identity by every citizen at a most affordable rate, allowing them to have digital independence and in-turn contributing to the digital economy of the country. Along with the domain, users can also avail one customize FREE email id of their choice which helps them to extend their online presence.

About 3 million people within India and outside India are using .IN / .भारत domain for promotion of  their business and personal digital identity, .IN is the fastest growing domain in Asia Pacific. One can get more information on reaching to www.registry.in

About NIXI

NIXI is a not for profit Organisation under Section 8 of the Companies Act 2013, and was registered on June 19th, 2003. NIXI was set up for peering of ISPs among themselves for the purpose of routing the domestic traffic within the country instead of taking it all the way to the US/Abroad, thereby resulting in better quality of service (reduced latency) and reduced bandwidth charges for ISPs by saving on International Bandwidth. NIXI is managed and operated on a neutral basis, in line with the best practices for such initiatives globally. NIXI has three business verticals under them.(including .IN/.भारत)

  • IXP – Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) are the most critical part of the Internet’s Infrastructure. An Internet Exchange Point is a facility that allows Internet Service Providers to “meet” and exchange traffic, also called peering. This saves money on International bandwidth for the ISPs and improves connectivity for their customers by reducing latency.
  • IRINN – IRINN is a division functioning under NIXI and provides allocation and registration services of Internet Protocol addresses (IPv4 & IPv6) and Autonomous System numbers to its Affiliates.

Website Link: https://www.registry.in

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