Now Mobile Number Portability Nationwide spread

TRAI started a pre-consultation process for the mobile number portability service nationally. This service will allow users to switch from one service area to another without changing their number nationwide.


Mobile number portability services are available within a service area only in the present time.

The service introduced by TRAI will help mobile users to retain to the same number if they change their states.

TRAI in a statement commented, “Through this pre-consultation paper, the authority is seeking views from stakeholders on various issues”.

Statements from the interested parties are invited by March 7th on the method and that will decide the implementation of full MNP.

There are two MNP service providers at present and are catering to twenty two service areas.

“Implementation of full MNP would mean acceptance of porting requests by the recipient operator from a mobile number that may belong to another service area. Therefore, to implement full mobile number portability, issues relating to processing of porting requests, routing, charging, testing etc., need to be identified and addressed,” TRAI said.

The connectivity between the two MNP service providers is needed for this. Changes in the MNP process will be accordingly required, TRAI added.

The time period that the current MNP takes is seven working days, while for Jammu and Kashmir, North East and Assam it takes around 15 working days.

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