March 8, 2021

LG India eyes 30% share in computer monitor market

NEW DELHI: Electronics major LG today said it expects to corner 30 per cent share in Indian computer monitor market in 2013 on the back of new products.


“Today we have launched 19.5-inch LED monitor at a price which is Rs 600 more than high selling monitors of 18.5 inch. We expect new monitors to help us achieve 30 per cent market share in standalone monitor segment by end of this year,” LG India’s IT head Sanjoy Bhattacharya said here.

LG launched 19.5-inch LED PC monitor at Rs 6,900 apiece. Bhattacharya said that LG’s 18.5-inch computer monitors account for 52 per cent of its monitor sales against 12-25 per cent from 20-inch monitors.

Indian computer monitor market has been estimated at 2.8 million units for the current year, he said.

Sales of 20-inch monitor were lower due to high price difference, he said, adding, “We made 19.5 inch model to address price issue which will replace the 18.5-inch model and would contribute around 55 per cent unit sales to our overall monitor volume.”