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Reliance Jio Leads in January Mobile User Growth

Reliance Jio further consolidated its position as a leader in India’s telecom sector by adding 41.78 lakh (4.178 million) new mobile subscribers in January. The latest data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) indicates a modest increase in wireless subscribers, with the total reaching 1160.71 million by the end of January 2024, up from 1158.49 million in December 2023, reflecting a monthly growth rate of 0.19 percent.

With the addition of over 4 million new subscribers, Reliance Jio’s total mobile user base surged to 46.39 crore. Meanwhile, Bharti Airtel also experienced growth in its wireless subscriber numbers, adding 7.52 lakh (0.752 million) users during the same period, bringing its total mobile subscriber count to 38.24 crore (382.4 million).

However, Vodafone Idea faced challenges, witnessing a decline of 15.2 lakh (1.52 million) wireless subscribers in January. Consequently, its mobile subscriber base decreased to 22.15 crore (221.5 million).

The urban and rural regions both saw an increase in wireless subscribers, with urban areas reporting a count of 633.96 million and rural areas reaching 526.75 million. Additionally, there were 12.36 million mobile number portability requests submitted in January.

Looking at the broader telecom sector, India’s total telephone subscriber base reached 1193.25 million in January 2024, with a net addition of 2.92 million subscribers across wireless and wireline services during the month. This growth pushed the overall tele-density to 85.38 percent, a slight increase from 85.23 percent in December 2023, indicating improved availability and accessibility of telecommunication services.

In the wireline segment, there was a positive momentum with a net addition of 0.70 million subscribers, bringing the total to 32.54 million. This segment recorded a growth rate of 2.19 percent, highlighting the growing demand for stable and reliable internet and communication services, particularly in urban areas.

Private access service providers continued to dominate the wireless market with a market share of 92.01 percent, while the two public sector units, BSNL and MTNL, held a combined market share of 7.99 percent.

Moreover, broadband subscribers, encompassing both wired and wireless services, increased to 911.03 million from 904.54 million in December 2023, indicating a monthly growth rate of 0.72 percent. This rise underscores India’s escalating demand for high-speed internet services, essential for economic activities and personal use.

The expansion of wireless and broadband services plays a crucial role in bridging the digital divide, promoting economic development, and enhancing connectivity across India’s diverse landscape.

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