Nokia’s Android Phone, Nokia X, Gets Price Cut In India


It was early this month that Nokia ventured in the Android market and launched its Android phone, the Nokia X, and the we hear that the device has seen its first price cut! Yes, seems Nokia is facing a tough time competing with the existing Android players in the budget smartphone segment in India. That is why, the smartphone which was launched for Rs 8,599 is currently available at price ranging from Rs 7,500 to Rs 7,800.

Please note that these prices can be available only for the black colour variant of Nokia X, while its colourful versions still sell at a higher price. Nokia X was launched with the idea of merging Android and Windows Phone ecosystem by the Microsoft owned Nokia. It does not offer the regular Android experience to its users.

Unlike the other Android OEMs, Nokia has designed its Android strategy pretty meticulously and it has managed to go Google-less with its Android devices. The company is running the devices on its own platform, which is based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP), version 4.1.2. Nokia has replaced things like Google Play, Google Maps and Google Drive with its own software including Here Maps, Nokia Store and Microsoft OneDrive. The Nokia X brings Nokia Here Maps that offer offline maps and turn-by-turn navigation features.

That’s not all! The user interface of the device also looks almost similar to Windows Phone platform, which screams of the intervention by Microsoft.

DejavuTrends: Rs Rs. 7,696

Flipkart: Rs. 7,429

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