New Pricing for Microsoft 365 and Office 365 After Almost A Decade, Full Details

Prices of Microsoft OLP Licenses to increase, Full Details

Prices of Microsoft OLP Licenses to increase, Full Details

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After almost 10 years Microsoft has increased the price of Office 365 and Microsoft 365 services. Analysts assert that the price change will bring in positive changes in the revenue and profits for the tech giant.

Prices for the consumer or education versions of the software will remain the same. However, the commercial and business users of Microsoft’s products will be affected by the price change that will come into effect starting from March 1 of the next year.

Microsoft has added over 300 million commercial paid users for its Office 365 product. The tech giant has added other products like Microsoft 365, Microsoft Teams in the last decade to cater to the need of the customers with features like EMS, meet, chat, collaborate, etc. In all, 24 apps and over 1400 new features were released in key areas namely:

  • Communication and Collaboration
  • AI and Automation
  • Security and Compliance

Price Change for the commercial products:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic: Old price $5 – New Price $6 per user

Microsoft 365 Business Premium: Old Price $20 – New Price $22

Office 365 E1: Old Price $8 – New Price $10

Office 365 E3: Old Price $20 – New Price $23

Office 365 E5: Old Price $35 – New Price $38

Microsoft 365 E3: Old Price $32 – New Price $36

The price changes will come into effect from March 1, 2022, globally.

It is interesting to note that the Microsoft 365 suite brings in a third ($53.9 billion) of the overall sales ($168 billion) for the company. The figures are from the recent fiscal year.

Apart from the price hike, Microsoft has added unlimited dial-in capabilities for Microsoft Teams meetings for the enterprise, business, frontline, and government users. The services will be available in 44 languages and 70 countries.

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