It is best for users to keep prevention tools like a suitable antivirus installed on their devices, keep a strong password and router passwords safe – Zakir Hussain Rangwala, BD Software, Full Interview

BD Software is an eminent distributor of IT security solutions in India. The company is Country Partner for Bitdefender solutions. The solutions distributed by BD software are used by the Government, large Corporate houses, Small and Medium business enterprises, Educational Institutions, and retail consumers alike. Below is an excerpt from the interaction of Team IT-Voice with Zakir Hussain Rangwala, CEO of BD Software Distribution Private Ltd.

Prateek: With the new remote working trend, the threat of cyber-attacks has increased considerably. How can the users prepare themselves for such attacks?

Zakir Hussain : Since it’s not only the cyber-attacks, but the devices have also increased. In earlier days households used to have one computer or maybe a mobile or a tab. Now all the family members have an access to digital devices so the threats have definitely increased.

It is best if the users keep prevention tools like a suitable antivirus installed on their devices. At the same time, the password of their Wi-Fi must be strong and the router password must not be shared with everybody. It is suggested to keep a check on the devices when children are using the devices. Most antivirus comes with a feature of parental control so that users can monitor the internet activity of their children or check if they are being harassed in some way.

So, there are multiple ways to prepare for such attacks. One is to have good protection with cybers security solutions, strong passwords, avoid sharing the password, and lastly keep a tap on the browsing history.

In the new work arrangement, most users are working from home. Thus, the users must follow the above guidelines properly to avoid any cyber-attacks. The passwords must be changed regularly and router passwords must not be shared. Most organizations take precautions and install cybersecurity solutions to avoid any mischief by hackers trying to gain unauthorized access. I would suggest that the corporates must install End Point Security and Data Loss Prevention Solution to make sure the data is protected in case of a cyber-attack.

Prateek: What are the key features and services that make BDSoft different in the market?

Zakir Hussain : We at BDSoft, focus on small and midsize businesses to enterprise solution customers. We provide the basic End Point Security, DLP, MDM, Privilege Access Management according to the size and requirement of the company. Our team of experts evaluate the data structure and management, corporate structure, lurking threats, etc, and then provide customized solutions. We offer from basic solutions to advanced level solutions and we make sure that this works simultaneously and they don’t overlap.

Our partners prefer to work with us as we offer a variety of solutions from basic endpoint solutions to multiple levels of cybersecurity.

Additionally, and most importantly, we understand that after-sales support is an essential part of the business. And thus, we offer excellent services to our clients which also includes demonstration so that the clients learn about the features. These services make BDSoft a preferred choice for the customers.

Prateek: Could you throw some light on the End Point Protection product of BDSoft?

Zakir Hussain : We are working with Bitdefender, the most trusted brand in Cybersecurity for the last 6 years in India. Our huge customer base includes clients from each and every segment like SMBs, enterprises, corporates, and governments. The consumer version of Bitdefender is a very popular product in India. Additionally, the End Point Solution is used by some of the big companies in the world.

Many other cybersecurity vendors also use our BitDefender engine and XXXX to enhance the security of their products. End Point Solution of BitDefender has been receiving recognition and awards from many technology bodies and for the last ten years, it has been rated as the number one endpoint solution.

We represent BitDefender in India and therefore the solutions we offer right from endpoint solution to EDR and XDR are truly world-class and it also brings us the most traction.

Prateek: What will be your strategy to penetrate the Indian market in the coming years?

Zakir Hussain : Indeed, the Indian market is quite diverse if we consider the usage and consumer behavior. In Southern parts of India, users do a lot of research before making a decision. On the other hand, in the Northern and Western parts of India, the users are mostly dependent on our channel partners. They go by the expert advice of our professional employees and agents. At the same time, the consumers in tier-one cities like Mumbai or Bengaluru prefer to buy our products from our website. This gives a brief idea of the diverse market in India.

For now, we are a team of 50 people and we are expanding our business across the country. We have expanded in Eastern and Western regions in past years and now our focus will be North and South India. We are expecting to bring more professionals on board with our team making the total strength over 100 by end of the year.

While the cybersecurity needs remain the same the approach becomes different. For example, in some regions, our major clients come from the government sector while in some regions majorities of our clients are small and medium-sized enterprises. We are trying to appoint team members accordingly. We have identified areas that require personal relationships and technical qualifications. We are trying to appoint qualified employees in the regions as per the requirements so that the customers get the value proposition. The idea is to diversify the manpower according to the needs.

India is a huge country and no matter how much we expand the business there will be some spaces left but we are performing well thanks to our partner network across India.

Prateek: You offer a line of products in the cybersecurity category. Which one gets you the most traction?

Zakir Hussain : Up to the last two years it was only endpoint security business. But in the last two years, we have added more products. For now, I would say we’re still at around 70:30 ratio where the seventy percent traction comes from the endpoint solutions. However, in the last two years other products have picked up the pace and I believe that this might come to a 50:50 ratio soon. The reason for the dominance of endpoint security solutions is because it is used by every user with a computer. While the demand for other products depends upon many factors like the budget, usage, nature of the business, etc.

The need for security products in India and worldwide has also been affected adversely due to the pandemic as many businesses have taken a toll on the economic front thus, they are bound to reduce their expenditure. However, with the End Point Solution, they have secured at the basic level. For other advanced solutions like DLPs, they are waiting for the market to stabilize.

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