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NetApp Celebrates Pride Month

“In today’s increasingly socially conscious world, prioritising diversity and inclusion is paramount. Diversity within the organisation is not just a reflection of the communities that we live in, but is essential for us, as a creativity-fuelled organisation. It is very important that we are all able to contribute our fullest and respect every individual. ‘Proud@NetApp’ – our dedicated charter for gender diversity promotes a safe, open, and inclusive culture that empowers the LGBTQIA+ community and allies. I take great pride in being an ally, not just during the Pride month but all through the year.” 


–          Ravi Chhabria, Managing Director, NetApp India

As a differently abled queer individual, I have had my own share of challenges to navigate – both personally and professionally. In fact, my passion for diversity and inclusion initiatives was rooted in the reality of wanting to be accepted in the mainstream society. I believe that everyone should feel comfortable embracing their true self and seeking assistance when needed. This is where an inclusive workplace can make a significant difference and contribute positively.  I am fortunate to be part of NetApp, a company that fully embraces who I am and provides invaluable support. NetApp’s commitment to inclusion has not only facilitated my personal growth but has also inspired me to advocate for a more inclusive society – not just during the Pride Month, but every single day. 


–          Sujoy Das, Financial Analyst and Lead, ‘Proud@NetApp’ & ‘NetAbled’, NetApp India 

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