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Myntra and Microsoft Join Forces to Introduce AI-Enhanced E-commerce through MyFashionGPT

Myntra, a prominent online fashion retailer in India, has introduced an AI shopping assistant, signaling a transformative shift in online shopping interactions. The innovative technology utilizes generative AI, departing from conventional keyword-based searches in favor of a more intuitive and natural language approach.

The integration of the AI assistant into the Myntra platform represents a significant departure from traditional search methods, addressing the limitations associated with keyword-based searches. Unlike conventional searches, which may struggle with vague or abstract queries, Myntra’s AI assistant excels at interpreting open-ended requests seamlessly.

The development process involved Myntra’s engineering team exploring the capabilities of Azure OpenAI Service, leveraging ChatGPT, a generative AI service. During a two-day hackathon, the team discovered the AI’s proficiency in understanding natural language prompts, even extending its capabilities beyond Myntra’s existing product catalog.








myntra: What can I wear for a wedding? Ask MyFashionGPT - The Economic Times
myntra: What can I wear for a wedding? Ask MyFashionGPT

This breakthrough allowed users to input diverse prompts, ranging from specific clothing needs to queries related to cultural festivals or regional preferences. The team extensively tested various large language models offered by Azure OpenAI Service to identify the most suitable model for their purposes.

Arit Mondal, Director of Product Management at Myntra, expressed the significance of this achievement, stating, “This is big because it’s the first time we have a solution that is solving the unsolved ‘search’ problem in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry. And it’s live for customers at scale.”

The successful creation of a working prototype within two days paved the way for comprehensive refinement of the backend and user interface. The AI shopping assistant seamlessly integrated into Myntra’s systems on Azure, ensuring optimal performance and security.

Following its launch, the AI assistant quickly gained traction, significantly influencing user engagement and purchase behavior. Users interacting with the AI assistant were three times more likely to complete a purchase, benefitting from the assistant’s capability to curate complete looks across multiple product categories.

Looking forward, Myntra has ambitious plans for further advancements, including features that allow users to visualize entire outfits across different product categories. The roadmap also includes the introduction of voice search and personalized recommendations, reflecting a continued commitment to harnessing generative AI to enhance customer experiences.

The incorporation of this cutting-edge technology represents a pivotal moment not only for Myntra but also for the broader fashion retail industry. It redefines the online shopping experience, establishing new standards for intuitive, user-centric interfaces that prioritize customer engagement and satisfaction.

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