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’19 presents representing 19 years’: Emotional farewell for CP Gurnani from Tech Mahindra

CP Gurnani’s departure from Tech Mahindra as MD and CEO, occurring on his 65th birthday on December 19, marks the conclusion of a remarkable 19-year career with the company.

The farewell was a poignant dual celebration, with Gurnani expressing gratitude for the heartfelt farewells in a post on X.

The Tech Mahindra team presented him with 19 gifts symbolizing his 19-year journey, including the most sentimental one, #TechMKiMitti, a sand clock containing soil collected from various Tech Mahindra campuses.



19 gifts symbolising 19 years': CP Gurnani's emotional sendoff from Tech  Mahindra - BusinessToday
19 gifts symbolising 19 years’: CP Gurnani’s emotional sendoff from Tech Mahindra

Gurnani, moved by the gesture, shared his emotional response, stating that the team’s efforts almost brought tears to his eyes.

His departure from the MD and CEO position, as well as other roles within Tech Mahindra on December 21, signifies the end of an era. Mohit Joshi, who resigned from Infosys on March 11, 2023, will succeed Gurnani as CEO and managing director, ushering in a new chapter for the company.

Joshi praised Gurnani’s leadership style in a post on X, appreciating the continuity and stability provided during the transition. The Mahindra Group acknowledged Gurnani’s contributions, emphasizing that he remains an integral part of the Mahindra family, and Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra expressed gratitude for Gurnani’s accomplishments at Tech Mahindra. Gurnani responded, stating that Tech Mahindra is the most beautiful chapter of his life, and his relationship with Mahindra Rise is enduring.

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