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Mobile Solutions drive Customer loyalty and Revenue Authored by Kushal Nahata, Co-Founder & CEO, FarEye

With numerous options being available to a consumer the concept of brand loyalty is becoming redundant. Access to information should be easy and the unavailability of the same should not be a reason for the particular work to stop. The speed of execution is what differentiates one business from another helping it retain and further increase its consumer base. Hence, the use of technology is becoming inevitable for companies with mobile workers.

Kushal Nahata, Co-Founder & CEO, FarEye
Kushal Nahata, Co-Founder & CEO, FarEye

Today, the customer has multiple options and information available at their channel of choice, everything happens at the fraction of seconds, thus, leveraging technology to ensure quick decision making and driving extraordinary customer experience is the need of the hour – no longer an option but a mandate to retain your customer and not lose it to competitors.  Customer expectations are increasing and putting pressure on organizations to digitally transform their operations in order to meet this need.

If a promise was made to a customer, could you deliver that commitment? Did you keep him anxious by depriving him of a tracking mechanism? Were you able to capture his experience? Did it take time to acquire a new customer due to documentation uploading issues? Did you renew a policy and retain your old customer or was your competitor better at it?

Thus making all the tasks easy mobile workforce management platform FarEye, in just over two years since inception, performs “more than a million transactions a day, and has six happy customers per second across 40 clients and ten nations.” It is a solution to the critical problems faced by a manager which is real time co-ordination between consumer requests, mobile workers and field jobs.  Such a platform can be used across industries and geographies to make businesses flexible and more responsive. It is a tool to provide business insights to deliver excellence and generate more revenue. By access to information and visibility into operations away from the workplace, companies can speedup decision making, enhance efficiency and provide a delightful experience to customers. Mobile technology is less expensive, more accessible, and easier to use in many ways, and that makes it attractive to the enterprise. The process of executing it goes beyond consumer expectations and helps companies in gaining an edge over competition. But what may not be so obvious regarding the allure of mobile for the enterprise is the degree to which it will democratize the use of technology for businesses in underserved sectors and far-flung locations.

The venture of FarEye has grown 20 fold in the last 12 months, according to CTO Gaurav Srivastava, and while it started with logistics, has since entered industry verticals such as hyperlocals, consumer durables, BFSI, healthcare and e-commerce. It also now provides customized solutions according to the requirements and processes of any enterprise that has employees working out of the office.

In this is age of information work can’t be stalled due to delay in information. Companies have started using mobility solutions to improve communication with the field workers, increase productivity, streamline work processes, and enhance customer service and loyalty.

There is transparency across various stakeholders making it easy for organizations to include on-demand customer requests and keeping them in the loop at all times.  Through real time co-ordination between field workers and employees back at office, FarEye eliminates the disconnect between field workers and backend staff, allowing companies to effectively handle unforeseen situations, demands and be more responsive to their customers.

Mobile workforce management solutions include everything an organization needs to increase the productivity of field personnel, improve results and generate more revenue. Made for mobile and web, the comprehensive dashboard provides exact location of employees & consumer requests and analytics for smarter decision making. Its configurable platform can seamlessly integrate into any workflow enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. FarEye delivers 99.9 % uptime SLA ensuring smooth operations and grows with its clients; being scalable it is not restricted to the size or geography of the organization.

It has unique product features like auto – routing, auto assigning amongst numerous others. Such features enhance productivity through route optimization – finding the best possible route to be taken by an employee to reach a customer in the shortest possible time, thus increasing productivity and reducing fuel costs. The Auto – Assign option is becoming increasingly important for the rising on-demand and hyper local operations, it finds the best- suited field worker to fulfill a customer request through a company’s preset criterion like workload for the day, distance to customer etc. Information can be sent across the entire value chain through the click of a button thereby ensuring seamless and smooth operation.

And with the festive season ahead the company is geared up and quite excited. CEO Kushal Nahata says, “With the festive season upon us, we have designed a robust solution for hyperlocals, marketplace/e-commerce and logistics companies to help them beat the Diwali rush. Plans are afoot to move towards Internet of Things, Internet of Logistics, big data analytics, etc.”

Incorporating technology to manage business operations is the need of the hour. Gone are the days when the customers sat by their doors and phones waiting to hear from a merchant – today with access to a plethora of information at the touch of a button organizations need to speed up and reach their customer before a competitor does. Use of technology is no longer an option but a mandate for businesses to reinvent themselves and live up to high expectations of the consumer.

A New York minute is all you have to delight your customer. Your speed of execution can win her or lose her forever.

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