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FarEye Celebrates 10th Foundation Day: Achieves the Milestone of Empowering 5 Billion Deliveries and Unveils ‘Field Pro’ – A Free Skill Training Program 

As a part of its decade of glory celebrations, FarEye launched a skill enhancement program, dedicated to giving back to the society. The program was inaugurated in the presence of distinguished industry dignitaries including, Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma (Former Secretary to Govt. of India, Former CEO, NHAI, Former Chairman, Telecom TRAI), Mr. Pawan Agarwal (Special Secretary Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Former CEO, FSSAI), Ms. Vishakha Singh (Actor, Producer and Successful Tech Entrepreneur), Mr. Gautam Kumar (COO & Co-founder), Ms. Padmaja Ruparel (Co-Founder at Indian Angel Network & Founding Partner of IAN Fund) and Mr. Kushal Nahata (CEO & Co-founder).

New Delhi, India, July 28, 2023: FarEye, the global leader in last mile delivery technology powering the world’s largest furniture, meal-kit, apparel, home electronics, retailers and logistics companies celebrated its 10th Foundation Day anniversary today. To commemorate this occasion and address the industry’s pressing need for skilled resources, FarEye launched “Field Pro,” a skill training program offered completely free of charge. Shortage of skilled resources is one of the biggest problems the industry is facing currently. According  to a  recent survey, there is a shortage  of over 2.6 Mn people globally. FarEye’s ‘Field Pro’ initiative is designed to equip aspiring professionals with the essential expertise, comprehensive technical training and practical knowledge required to thrive in the logistics sector.

The inauguration of the ‘Field Pro’ program took place in the esteemed presence of industry dignitaries, including:

  • Dr. Ram Sewak Sharma: IAS, Former Secretary to the Government of India, Former CEO of NHAI, Former Chairman of Telecom TRAI.
  • Mr. Pawan Agarwal: IAS, Special Secretary, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Former CEO of FSSAI.
  • Ms. Vishakha Singh: Acclaimed Actor, Producer, and Successful Tech Entrepreneur.
  • Ms. Padmaja Ruparel: Co-Founder at Indian Angel Network & Founding Partner of IAN Fund.

The honorable guests also participated in a panel discussion titled ‘Built To Last: Technology, Platform and Companies’ sharing their entrepreneurial journeys, perspectives on building scalable platforms, leading industry transformation and multi-stakeholder collaboration sparking meaningful conversations and inspiring collective action.

FarEye was founded by Kushal Nahata (CEO), Gautam Kumar (COO) and Gaurav Srivastava (CTPO) in 2013 with a vision of democratizing efficient deliveries for businesses globally. The FarEye story commenced in tandem with the rise of e-commerce in India, where the team noticed that customers enjoyed excellent online shopping experiences. However, the post-purchase experience was often flawed, especially in last-mile delivery. The founders set on mission to empower companies to deliver delightful experiences to their end-consumers. Since then, it has been a phenomenal journey leading the company to now serve over 150 customers across 30 countries, powering deliveries worth multi-billion dollars to move across the globe with complete visibility and reach end consumers on time, every time.

Commenting on the occasion, Kushal Nahata said “With a steadfast focus on driving digital transformation, enhancing driver efficiency, and providing superior delivery experiences, we are committed to making deliveries better for everyone and this is merely the beginning for us. Today, FarEye’s platform facilitates over 2.5 million daily deliveries worldwide, these deliveries not only are on-time and cost-efficient, they are also contributing to a substantial reduction of approximately 7.51 million metric tons of carbon emissions.”

Congratulating the team, Ms.Padmaja Ruparel said “Having seen the journey of  hundreds of Indian startups I can say that the ones that endure and succeed are those with a solid foundation, FarEye being one of them. Given the current global economic challenges, FarEye has conitued to grow and scale. It is a testament to the company’s resilience and adherence to strong business principles.” 

FarEye’s 10th Foundation Day marks a significant milestone for the company, which has expanded its presence in the Americas, Europe, and Australia region, collaborating with industry leaders such as Gordon Foods, Posti, and Couriers Please. Looking ahead, FarEye is committed to nurturing future talent in the logistics sector through its ‘Field Pro’ initiative. By empowering aspiring professionals with skill-based training, FarEye seeks to contribute significantly to the growth and success of the logistics industry.

Congratulatory wishes from guests:

  • Dr. R S Sharma 

“With only 20% Indian startups managing to survive beyond five years and a mere 8% making it past the ten-year mark it is truly commendable that FarEye has successfully thrived for decade in the industry. This achievement speaks volumes about the dedication, innovation, and perseverance of FarEye’s team and leadership. It exemplifies how FarEye has managed to overcome the odds and establish itself as a resilient and impactful player in the market.”

  • Mr. Pawan Agrawal

Big congratulations to FarEye for a fantastic decade in the industry! They’ve played a crucial role in helping logistics companies go digital, which is a core part of our national logistics policy. With automation, AI, and data-driven decisions, logistics firms can cut costs, streamline operations, and boost efficiency. Embracing digital solutions can make logistics more competitive by reducing the current 13-14% cost and bringing it in line with developed countries. Kudos to FarEye for driving this transformative change.

  • Vishakha Singh 

“It is truly remarkable to witness startups like FarEye making a significant impact. Establishing a company from the ground up and sustaining it for a decade is an immense challenge, requiring dedication and passion. FarEye, along with numerous other startups in India, demonstrates that through innovation and determination, seemingly impossible feats can be achieved. These startups serve as shining examples, inspiring people across the nation to contribute to a brighter future for both individuals and the country as a whole”

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