“Mobile computing and increased cloud integration, will form the highlight of eScan products in 2014” Mr. Govind Rammurthy, MD & CEO,eScan

Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO & MD, eScan
Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO & MD, eScan

Shweta: What have been the performance highlights for eScan in 2013?

Mr. Rammurthy: 2013 was a good year for eScan. We launched eScan range of Cloud Security products for Home User, Small and Medium Business as well as for Corporate and Enterprise segments. During this year, eScan even continued winning awards from renowned testing bodies such as VB100 and AV comparatives. We also released MailScan 6.9 to Secure Email Communications. eScan achieved certification from Microsoft for Windows8 operating system as well as the Microsoft Gold Partnership Status in Security Solutions.

As a brand, we always have ensured to provide users the best AV product, with the best ROI as compared to any other AV product available in the markets above all, at the most competitive price.eScan, today has become of the most trusted and preferred security solution amongst IT users across the globe.

Shweta: Enterprise security market has many players. What are the differentiating factors of eScan compared to its competitors?

Mr. Rammurthy: Though there are many players in the market, eScan has still earned its own preference amongst its customers for many reasons across the globe.eScan has state of the art R & D center, wherein we study over 20000 malware threats on a daily basis and further research is being done to completely avoid any kind of breaches within enterprise networks.With its advanced and futuristic technologies, eScan is capable of identifying the threats before-hand. Moreover, as we understand the need for management of endpoints, we facilitate Centralized Management solutions for all our products across all verticals.

Being an IT security solution vendor, we always ensure to remain at the cutting edge of solutions through our constant innovations and hence we constantly work on enhancing our products in order to ensure that eScan fulfills the changing security needs of our IT users across the globe belonging to various segments and verticals.

eScanrange of products comprises of innovative and futuristic technologies that ensure multi-layered and real-time protection to computers and networks, thus ensuring safe computing environment to our customers. The latest version of eScan Security Solutions with Cloud Security have been receiving lot of applauses from its customers as well as appreciation and awards from the prestigious laboratories of security industry, notable among them being AV Comparatives, Virus Bulletin, ICSA and continues to get applauds from them.

In addition, as we have customers around the globe, we ensure that language is not the barrier when it comes to security from evolving cyber threats. Hence, eScan is available in more than 20 languages worldwide, while we are working on other languages as well.

Moreover, as we understand that not every user is tech-savvy, hence we provide 24×7 Technical Support Services to our customers by experts that have truly become a major product differentiator leading to improved customer satisfaction and retention.

Shweta: What are the priorities for eScan in terms of channel-led GTM?

Mr. Rammurthy: With regards to the channel strategy for year 2014, our first step is to ensure protection amidst the ever-changing IT security needs of our customers, belonging to various segments and verticals. It not only helps increase the confidence amongst our partners but also amongst our customers towards the brand.

So when our partners sell our product in the market, half of their job is done. eScan has a dedicated team solely focusing on the partners who are catering to various segments and verticals. In order to enhance their knowledge about eScan range of products, we regularly conduct various training programs and partner meets, focusing on eScan range of products, as well as exclusive offers for our partners.  We also have strategically planned various marketing activities& channel technical meets,in order to create awareness amongst them.

Shweta: How will the new program increase partner profitability?

Mr. Rammurthy: We have specially designed schemes that will help our partners to enhance their profit margins.  Apart from profit margins, regular training & certification programs, our inside sales team constantly work with customers, understanding their needs and requirements.  Once a clear requirements mapping is done, our team, along with an SI partner (selected either by the customer or their area of expertise), do a full-fledged POC and help the partner close the case.

At the same time, other service requirements of the customers also comes into focus, and partners can highlight the services provided by them, thus increasing partner profitability.

Shweta:  Where is the big money for enterprise channels in 2014 and beyond?

Mr. Rammurthy: The big money in enterprise channels in 2014 and beyond would lie in Mobility, cloud, virtualization and storage.  With ever increasing adoption of smartphones and their apps, with a highly mobile workforce and 24×7 cultures being followed by customers, partners who are strongly trained in moving apps to cloud will make maximum revenues.

With Terabytes of data in the making, tons of reports, different computing environments, virtualization and storage will also hold a BIG importance for enterprise channels.

 Shweta: What is the new product initiatives planned?

Mr. Rammurthy: Like mentioned above, mobile computing and increased cloud integration, will form the highlight of eScan products in 2014.  2013 already saw us launching mobile security products, but 2014 will see all our various products, coming under a single unified console.

About eScan:

eScan is part of Microworld Technologies, an advanced security solutions provider based out of New Jersey, Over the years we grew as a respectable and responsible source of security that was known for its light but powerful Antivirus software.


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