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Microsoft Launches Cross-Platform Universal Mobile Keyboard



A new keyboard has been launched by Microsoft, known as Universal Mobile Keyboard, and it’s compatible with all the major operating systems including Android, iOS and Windows devices.

The new keyboard will be available at Microsoft Store and it will reach other retail stores this October. Priced at USD 79.95 or INR 4,800, the new keyboard is claimed to designed for iPad, iPhone, Android devices as well as Windows tablets. But the list is missing the Windows Phone category. This tablet keyboard has two mice and it follows the company’s cross-platform mantra. The key features of the keyboard include an OS switch which allows cross-platform functioning. This switch also allows pairing up with three devices with different operating systems at the same time.

It has a self-enclosed protective shell and also a detachable cover/stand. The battery life is quite long as it can function for six months on a single charge and the battery is rechargeable too. The Universal Mobile Keyboard comes with a dedicated Android home button and a CMD key, keeping Android and iOS users in mind.

The keyboard doubles as a standard Bluetooth keyboard too. Users can type more than double the words per minute than any normal keyboard. In a blog post by Microsoft it has been announced officially, “The Universal Mobile Keyboard was built with portability in mind. It’s easy and quick to set up, especially on the go. Simply open the protective cover and the keyboard automatically turns on, and connects using Bluetooth. Shut the cover, and it instantly turns off.” The two mice are an improved version of the Microsoft Arc Mouse and it features Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy technology for better battery life.

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