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Microsoft introduces new features for its MS Excel productivity software

Microsoft has updated Excel with new capabilities, such as a new picture function. With the new feature, users can connect to a source website or enter an image straight into a cell. Users can alter the image from within the sheet and alt-text is supported for low-vision users.Users can access the feature on PC, Mac, and the web. Office insiders can test out this feature on Android in beta, but a complete release won’t happen just yet.

New formula suggestions, a tool that analyses the data in cells and suggests the best formulae for your sheet, have been added to the web edition of Excel.ย Additionally, it can make formula suggestions based on older cells. Excel will provide a formula that will automatically fill cells for you if you have a pattern when creating cells. Additionally, Excel is able to provide relevant websites for you.

Additionally, Excel now features a search box so you can locate what you’re looking for, and broken links will be sent to you. The ability to build Power Queries is one of the new features that Office Insiders can test out in beta.

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