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Microsoft has at last provided the much-needed feature to its Windows 11 Notepad

Microsoft has responded to a longstanding user request by introducing a word count feature to its built-in Notepad application in the latest update for Windows 11. This much-anticipated feature has been added to the Canary channel test version of the operating system. The update not only brings the character count feature but also enhances file modification accessibility and expands the widgets section, contributing to an improved overall user experience.

The new character count display is located in the status bar, providing users with a convenient way to monitor the length of their documents. When text is selected, the status bar shows the character count for both the selected portion and the entire document. If no text is highlighted, the character count for the entire document is displayed, giving users a clear overview of the document’s length. This addition brings Notepad more in line with word processing tools like Microsoft Word.

In addition to the character count, Microsoft has improved the accessibility of Notepad for file modifications. Users can now seamlessly integrate Notepad with File Explorer, allowing them to edit files directly from the context menu. By right-clicking on any file or multiple files, users can promptly access the “Edit with Notepad” option. This streamlined process not only saves time but also simplifies the editing workflow for users.




Microsoft Adds Long-Awaited Feature to Windows 11 Notepad
Microsoft Adds Long-Awaited Feature to Windows 11 Notepad

The recent updates to Notepad follow a series of changes made throughout the year. In addition to the word count and accessibility improvements, Notepad now features an autosave functionality, eliminating repetitive save prompts when closing the application. Other additions include tabs, a dark mode, and even a virtual fidget spinner for users looking for a fun and interactive break.

Expanding on the recent enhancements, the latest Windows 11 test build brings improvements to the widgets section. Users will soon have the ability to prioritize their preferred widgets by hiding the news feed entirely, allowing them to focus solely on information that matters to them. The updated settings now enable users to choose the account they want to use for Microsoft Start-powered widgets and feeds. This removes the previous limitation tied to the account used for Windows sign-in, aligning it with other app-powered widgets.

To manage the account settings, users can access the “Microsoft Start” settings within the “Personalize your content” section of the widgets board settings. This allows users to tailor their experience according to their preferences. Notably, the new update and features are currently undergoing testing, and while Microsoft may make adjustments, they are expected to be available to all Windows 11 users in early 2024. These improvements further showcase Microsoft’s commitment to refining its software based on user feedback and evolving user needs.

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