Microsoft Adds the Assamese Language

Microsoft unveils Windows 365 — ushering in a new category of computing

Microsoft unveils Windows 365 — ushering in a new category of computing

Microsoft Translator will now deliver a real-time translation in another Indian language i.e. Assamese. The company has announced that the consumers will now have to translate text and speech into Assamese and the same can happen in the opposite form using the Microsoft Assamese Translator service. Microsoft’s goal is to fill the gap in end-to-end Assamese language support in the country. With this new feature, the company’s translator service is now supporting twelve Indian languages.

The company is planning to add a new language translator in all the search engine platforms. Also, in all the systems, be it Android or iOS or Windows. The translator service provides a real-time translation and transcription support for all languages including the new, Assamese. The tech giant company has said that its sole motive is to make the access of the data to everyone in their respective languages. According to Microsoft, it is presently the only cloud service firm to give the translation for the Assamese language.

The general manager of the company has said that Microsoft is helping to break language barriers and trying to utilize technology to achieve more especially in India.


Image from Microsoft


The translation tool can help consumers to interpret real-time conversations into their ways of understanding which can also make different Companies expand and strengthen their businesses using the translation tool.

The application can be downloaded through the Google Play Store and App Store, and also via the Microsoft Store.

Microsoft has been using Deep Neural Networks to develop language models for translating and transliterating complex Indian languages. Through deep neural networks, the translation tool can handle small nuances in the language.