Baby Cam Launched in India

Hero Electronix has recently introduced a Baby cam in the Indian market and it has named it as ‘Qubo’. This baby cam has been known to be a smart technology and it too has some additional features such as a virtual cradle and baby cry alert in which it sends a notification or a ping to the user’s mobile. The structure is unique as it is penguin-shaped. The shape was made to match the baby’s room. Other notable features comprise of a 2 way-talk echo and noise-canceling and auto-generated lullaby to make the baby fall asleep. Users can purchase through online channels. As for offline markets, the company will share the information soon. The firm has said that the baby monitor is suitable for all types of families.

Qubo Baby Cam is currently priced at INR 7490 and buyers can purchase on the amazon store or firstcry. The company will start selling the cam in the outlets in the coming weeks. Also, it comes in 2 color options and people can purchase any of them that they want.


The baby cam uses the latest technology to heighten the monitor’s functionality. This technology is Artificial Intelligence. AI is also used in the cry alert option to make them cry more audible for the parents to know and it also produces an alert instantaneously on the app if the baby is sad. The cam has 1080 pixels of Full-HD camera with crystal clear night vision capabilities. This feature will allow parents to know about their kid’s location through the app.

The baby cam is armed with a 2-way talk feature with echo dissolution. This feature allows parents to stay close with their kids during their absence. Additionally, the monitor has an auto-generated lullaby feature which allows it to play a custom-made lullaby for their kids if they tend to move or cry. To make sure that the baby is safe, there is also a smart virtual cradle feature.

At last, it too arrives with a time-lapse video feature to capture their kid’s minute-to-minute movements. It will also help the parents to know about their kid’s unforgettable and precious moments, making sure that they don’t miss out on anything.