Chromecast Along with Google TV Introduced

Chromecast with Google TV has been hurled and has brought a variety of changes and enhancements. It comprises of a remote which is going to be used over the earlier Chromecast generation. The new model is more similar to the Fire TV of the company, amazon, or Roku because the Chromecast brings an Android TV interface and it does not only provide the ability to show any kind of media on your Television. It is tossed today with other google brands (mobiles and a speaker). It has a complete menu system and the company also provides a remote as well.

The whole set is priced at approx. 50 dollars currently in the unites states of America. By the end of 2020, the company will avail the product to other countries too. The dongle arrives with a remote for touch and voice-control. Except in the USA, no other country has been given a date of release. Moreover, the new product will come in 3 color variants.

The new Chromecast runs on the new Google Television stage. This platform is the new branding for the Android TV.

The tv is supported by Dolby Atmos and vision. It does have a Type-C power adapter on the dongle and the remote carries 2 triple A batteries. It has dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity, other than Bluetooth. It weighs 55 grams, while the remote weighs 63 grams as it features an accelerometer and microphone.

The remote comes with YouTube and Netflix shortcuts. It has a feature that can change the volume of the tv and the user can handle the remote smoothly. Though the remote does not have an IR transmitter, you can do a voice search by pressing the Google Assistant button.


Image from Google

Users can also save a streaming service number. It is going to be saved in their respective Google accounts. It will help in getting better recommendations across Google.

Every channel is available the Android TV and the users can enjoy each channel accordingly.

About Google TV
Google Television is going to debut on the new Chromecast and is an update of google’s android tv interface. The company is advertising some features such as custom-made “For You” recommendations from across various subscriptions, and it also can design a Watch List in which any user can add their favorite films and tv shows from basically anywhere.

The company has said that it notes available YouTube Television on the new platform which will provide unlimited digital video recorder features. Another feature is available in Ambient Mode, which works as a digital photo frame, and can even connect with Nest cameras along with doorbells.