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Mercury Unveils 3.5G USB Modem -M790V

MercuryPlug and play, surf, chat, stream music videos, movies and much more at a blazing downloading speed of up to 7.2Mbps

Kobian, a leading player in computer peripherals and tablets, has launched 3.5G HSUPA USB dongle M790V, featured with a speed of 7.2Mbps. The plug-n-play M790V enables one to surf, chat & view music videos, watch movie and more.

With Mercury M790V one can easily create a world of entertainment, work from home, and get on chat will friend anytime anywhere. It has a download speed of 7.2Mbps and uploadspeed of 5.76Mbps.



    GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800Mhz

    USB Slot

    T-Flash card up to 32GB

    Auto Installation

    Plug and Play, No CD-ROM

    Data Service

    Data Transmission up to 7.2Mbps (HSDPA)

    Data Transmission up to 5.76Mbps (HSUPA)

    Data Transmission up to 384Kbps (UMTS)

    Data Transmission up to 460Kbps (EDGE)

    Data Transmission up to 115Kbps (GPRS)

    Phone box/SMS box

Side-black Side-white Back-white Front-black






Sushmita Das, VP- Business at Kobian Pte Ltd said, “Mercury M790V is designed with added features to perform well.This is a step taken forward after the launches of Wi-Fi Hotspot Dongle cum router, 3G Dongle in 2012. As the demand is increasing in the consumer technology sector on faster and un-interrupted connectivity, quick downloads, watch videos, chat and so on. We have also made the installation hassle-free.”

Price, Availability and Warranty

Mercury M790V comes with MRP of Rs. 2,100 and is available ex-stock with 1 year warranty.