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Kobian Launches Neodymium Light Weight-High Sound Quality Headphones – Mercury HS 109

Mercury HS 109 stereo headphones produce music at a high SPL level with the use of Neodymium’s high magnetic flux

With Neodymium, sound definition and base performance is eight times better than a ferrite magnet

NEW DELHI, India – September 19, 2019

Kobian, a brand known for introducing innovative and easy-to-use products, today launched its lightweight stereo headphones with microphone – Mercury HS 109. This headphone is built with Neodymium to produce higher sensitivity and substantial sound output using less power. The sound definition produced and base performance is eight times better than a ferrite magnet. The headphones produce music at quite a high SPL level (sound pressure level) with the use of high magnetic flux from Neodymium. This gives room to create better ear-buds, with excellent crisp and clear sound quality.

Ms Sushmita Das, Country Manager – India, Kobian Pte Ltd. said, “Customer requirements keep changing from time to time. At Kobian, we make sure we keep addressing the changing needs by constantly getting feedback from customers and partners. We have used Neodymium magnets in Mercury HS 109 to keep it lighter and at the same time create a room to provide better sound quality experience for customers. After all, customers don’t want anything too heavy weighing them down, while they are enjoying their music.”

The 3.5 mm stereo headphones are plug and play devices with a cable length of 2.2 M. The microphone is 6x5mm with 58db plus or minus 3db. It comes with a driver unit of 40mm and maximum power of 100mW.

Features, Price, Availability, and Warranty

Mercury HS 109 Headphones comes with a warranty of 1 year at an attractive MRP of INR 600/-.