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MeitY advises seeking government approval prior to launching AI products

The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) has issued a fresh advisory directed at platforms and intermediaries regarding the deployment of Artificial Intelligence (AI) models in India. This advisory mandates that platforms and intermediaries obtain explicit approval from the central government before launching AI models within the country. Notably, this advisory follows a previous directive issued by MeitY in December of the previous year, specifically aimed at social media platforms, urging them to adhere to existing IT regulations, particularly concerning the management of deepfakes.

The advisory provided by MeitY outlines several key points that platforms and intermediaries must consider before deploying AI models in India. Firstly, it emphasizes the necessity of obtaining explicit permission from the government before the deployment of such models. This step is crucial to ensure that users are adequately informed about the limitations and potential fallibility of AI-generated content. Additionally, intermediaries are reminded of their obligations under the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, and are expected to exercise due diligence in their operations.

MeitY advises seeking government approval prior to launching AI products
MeitY advises seeking government approval prior to launching AI products

Furthermore, the advisory underscores the importance of content regulation, directing platforms to take proactive measures to prevent the hosting, sharing, or alteration of unlawful content. Platforms are also urged to address issues related to bias or discrimination in their AI models, thereby safeguarding the integrity of the electoral process and promoting fair representation.

In terms of user awareness, platforms are instructed to implement mechanisms to inform users about the potential unreliability of AI-generated content. This includes utilizing consent popup mechanisms to notify users about the risks associated with such content, including the possibility of account suspension or legal action. Moreover, intermediaries facilitating the creation of potentially misleading content are required to label it with unique identifiers to ensure transparency and accountability.

The advisory also emphasizes the importance of compliance and outlines the potential consequences of non-compliance. Platforms and intermediaries that fail to adhere to the guidelines set forth by MeitY may face penalties, including prosecution under the IT Act and other relevant laws. Additionally, intermediaries are required to report their compliance with the advisory within 15 days of receiving it.

Overall, MeitY’s advisory aims to promote the responsible use of AI models by platforms and intermediaries operating in India. By prioritizing transparency, legality, and accountability, the ministry seeks to ensure that AI technologies are deployed in a manner that upholds the rights and interests of users while maintaining the integrity of online platforms and services.

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