Maxthon Announces Partnership With Worldwide Leader In Android Processors

maxthonMaxthon, a global software company that develops state-of-the-art web browsers, today announced a partnership with RollTech, the value-added services arm of MediaTek, third largest global supplier of chipsets used in Android smartphones and tablets. The partnership ensures that Maxthon’s industry-leading web browsers will be preloaded into upwards of 100 million smartphones in 2014.

This collaboration builds on Maxthon’s continued mobile expansion in the fastest-growing internet markets in the world including Brazil, Russia and India and is in line with Maxthon’s vision for sustained growth in global markets.

Maxthon’s partnership with RollTech is an exciting driver of growth on top of our already robust expansion in these markets,” said Jeff Chen, CEO of Maxthon. “Markets like Brazil, Russia, China and Indonesia increasingly will drive the next great expansion of the internet. All of which have comparatively low-internet penetration compared to N. America and Europe. The potential upside is tremendous and we’re excited to get the chance to serve a new wave of new customers.

RollTech’s mission is to work with OEMs and device manufacturers to help deliver the best possible combination of smart devices and services to the markets they serve,” says Huiling Liu, CEO and founder of RollTech. “We’re pleased to add Maxthon’s high performance web browsers to our efforts. ” Maxthon will be pre-loaded in a number of smart phones and tablets sold through original device manufacturers. A partial list includes LGE, ZTE,TCL/Alcatel, Gionee, Phillips, Techain, Konka, LenovoMobile, CKT and LavaMobile.

The next wave of the web is happening right now in cities like Sao Paulo, Hyderbad, Chennai and Jakarta. ” said Karl Mattson, VP of Maxthon’s International Diviion. “Our browsers are fast, localized where it counts and allow you to move seamlessly from one platform to the next. That’s the secret sauce of the next web and this partnership is proof of that.