MagSafe Duo Chargers Introduced

MagSafe is back with Steve job’s Apple, as the latest line of iPhone accessories, most particularly its own latest charging pad and Duo foldable charger for apple smartphones and watches. The newly proclaimed iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max all specification magnets on the rear to assist in aligning well-suited wireless chargers, nonetheless, these can also be used as mounting points for other accessories like cases. 3rd party products comprising Belkin which will too soon release their own MagSafe accessories involving charging docks and car adapters.

The use of magnets will permit apple users to snap their phones into an ideal charging position, which can help avert losses ineffectiveness and charging speed due to wrong or bad alignment. The latest MagSafe chargers are Qi standard acquiescent and offer up to 15-Watts, so it will work with other Qi devices irrespective of magnetic arrangement.


Image from Apple


Apple has priced the new MagSafe charger at INR 4500 and the MagSafe will be available on 16th October. Pricing and availability details have not yet been declared. The company will also sell cases made of silicone in 8 colors and clear cases made of plastic for the iPhone 12 series, which is going to be priced at INR 4,900 each, arriving on the same date. Leather cases will go on sale from 6th November, but details about pricing is not been disclosed until now. The Snap-On leather wallet is priced at INR 5600 and it will also be on sale in 4 colors arriving on 16th October. The leather sleeve will also go on sale in the coming days.

The leather wallet can be applied to the iPhone 12 models’ back, and it can also be attached while these smartphones are in a well-suited case. The wallet is protected and safe for keeping credit cards in there. Wireless charging will also be functional through cases. The leather sleeve accessory has a cut-out where the time is showcased on an iPhone display screen, and it uses sensors so the iPhone is aware when it is inserted and can show the time.

According to the company, the magnets are controlled with a custom a shield made of nano-crystalline to deal with magnetic flux, and the latest NFC and sensors that identify the magnetic field. Apple famously rejected its AirPower charging mat after advertising the ability to charge numerous devices wirelessly and concurrently irrespective of arrangement. It was overdue recurrently and then annulled after several rumors and leaks recommended that the company had had a difficult time engineering it and that it did not work securely or within features.