German Amazon Employees Strike on Prime Day

A trade union of Germany called on workers at 7 warehouses of amazon to go on strike to overlap with the intercontinental “Prime Day” promotion event that was deferred due to operative encounters from the outbreak.

There was a 2-day strike as part of a long-running fight with the biggest e-commerce retailing platform in Germany over better salaries and conditions, noting that a coronavirus bonus presented for German employees had been started once again.

A spokesman from the company has said that most of the employees were working as normal despite becoming a part of the strike. He said that Amazon is offering a good salary with benefits and good working conditions as compared to other significant employers.


Image from Amazon


People have been forming strikes at the company in Germany since 2013. The most recent strike happened in the month of June in protest over safety and security after a few of the staff members at logistics centers tested positive for the COVID-19.

Prime Day, is generally held in July to increase summer sales, is today a kick-off to what will be a previous shopping season for holidays.

As per a report released, in 2019 Prime Day was the riskiest for injuries at the company’s completion centers, encouraging disparagement by a protuberant union.